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Status Update: #GettingMarried

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TheKnot and Mashable teamed up for a look at how social media is changing the way today’s brides get married

Today’s Brides’ Digital Habits

• 79 percent of brides keep up on wedding website and blogs
• 77 percent become a fan of wedding brands
• 61 percent download wedding-planning apps
• BUT, 78 percent still buy wedding magazines

Updating Their Relationship Status

• 1 in 10 brides updates her status on her social networks within minutes of getting engaged.
• 1 in 3 updates it within hours
• A quarter of brides update their status the day after getting engaged.

App-ily Ever After

• 52 percent of brides use a checklist app and ideas/photo inspiration apps
• 47 percent use an app for planning and organizing

Staying Connected

• Two-thirds of brides considers logging onto social networks while on their honeymoon.
• Three-fourths plan to share photos from the honeymoon on their social networks
• A quarter of brides say their guests check into the wedding on Facebook

Guest Relations

• 64 percent of brides say it’s OK to use digital invitations for wedding-related events – but not the wedding itself
• 62 percent of brides say they like that their guests post photos from their wedding on Facebook
• A quarter of brides say their guests check into the wedding on Facebook

Vendor Connections

Brides also use social media to keep in touch with vendors
• 49 percent connect on Facebook
• 19 percent stay in touch via Pinterest
• 7 percent of brides use Twitter to connect, and other 6 percent use Instagram

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