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Behind the Scenes with Photo/Video Pros

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Evrim Icoz, owner of Portland, Ore.-based Evrim Icoz Photography

Initially, I meet with each client to show them my portfolio and explain how I work. A few weeks before the event I also send them a worksheet for clarifying their photo preferences, which I then discuss with them in order to avoid common mistakes, such as not scheduling enough time for the portraits. We usually do an engagement session as well, and then meet with the couple to show them the photos.

On the day of the wedding, we set up our bags based on the weather, charge all our batteries (which takes 3-4 hours due to their high-capacity) and clean and synchronize the equipment – if all the camera clocks don’t have the same setting, the pictures will download out of order. We then head to the destination at least an hour early in order to scout locations, test the lighting and make plans for contingencies such as rain. After shooting the entire event, including pre-wedding preparation, we immediately drive back to the studio to download all our digital files and back them up.

We typically get 4,000-5,000 images (two photographers, four cameras), so the next step is to eliminate the ones that are out-of-focus, too dark, etc., followed by color-correcting and editing the now 400-1,000 image proofs.

Tomas Chavana, owner of San Antonio-based Infinity Video & Photography

After receiving an information request, I meet with the prospective client in person to discuss the different packages, or I mail and/or email video samples and chat over the phone if they’re from out of town. Either way, once the contract is signed, we continue to communicate about music selection, the video content and establishing an itinerary for the wedding day. I also coordinate with their photographer, DJ and event planner, and scout the locations to ensure we can work with the settings and lighting.

On the wedding day, we arrive 1-3 hours early to get shots of things like the couple getting ready, the hotel room, any pre-ceremony photos. After we film the ceremony itself, one camera might stay with the post-ceremony photo session while another covers the cocktail hour.

Once the wedding is over, we capture the recorded footage (4-6 hours, on average) and edit it down to two hours that include a documentary of the full ceremony and best moments from the reception, as well as a 5-20 minute summary music video with special effects. We either meet with the couple to show them their video, or mail the discs.

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