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5 Ways to Give Your Wedding Flowers a Little Extra Meaning and Flair

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If you’ll only be holding your bridal bouquet for a few minutes, why not make the moment truly memorable by embellishing your bundle of blooms with something more creative than just the standard ribbon?

Here are 5 ways to make your posy really pop.

1. Put a pin in it

For a touch of sentiment (and old-fashioned glamour), pin your grandmother’s vintage brooch to the bouquet’s ribbon. “It’s a beautiful, personal way to do ‘something old,’” says Amy Maclin, the deputy editor for Real Simple Weddings. You can also accent your stems with a significant bracelet or pair of earrings, or, if you have a fabulous old charm or locket, simply attach it to a stunning chain and tie the necklace around a base of neutral ribbon, adds Lisi Korn, owner of Forever Events, Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

2. Handkerchief with meaning

Wrap a grandparent’s handkerchief around the stems of your bouquet and secure it with a pretty corsage pin, available at floral and craft stores, Maclin says.

3. Photo options

Korn suggests selecting a favorite photograph (e.g. you and your spouse-to-be or a family member that is no longer with you) and having it printed on fabric that can take the place of the ribbon. To ensure the colors are a good match for your flowers, gown and wedding theme, you can first have the picture edited into a piece of pop art.

4. Go sweet

For the playful bride, Maclin advises getting off to a sweet start by encircling the bouquet with cheerful dot candy. Wrap the stems tightly with floral tape and then wrap a band of dot candy on top of the tape near where the blossoms start – this way, there’s still room to grasp the bouquet without walking down the aisle with a sticky mess.

5. Bridal bling

Create some bridal bouquet bling with a string of crafting crystals. Maclin likes Crystazzi’s numerous hues and sizes, available at Michaels stores.

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