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6 Rules for Avoiding a Bridal Beauty Blunder

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Don’t experiment with self-/spray-tanning right before the big day

Sure, your goal may be a “sun-kissed” glow, but if you’re a first-timer, have sensitive skin or weren’t diligent about exfoliating, you could wind up with orange, streaked or splotchy skin, or even breakouts or an allergic reaction, warns Sharon Naylor, author of “The Bride’s Guide to Freebies” (Lyons Press, 2012). To prevent a too-late-to-fix fiasco, Naylor recommends talking to your dermatologist about the most advisable (and minimal) method, and doing a few trial runs many months in advance.

Don’t forget about sunscreen – ever

Make sure you apply – and reapply – sunscreen in the months and especially weeks and days leading up to the wedding, advises Laurie Arons, a wedding planner and founder of San Francisco-based Laurie Arons Special Events. And if you plan to spend pre-wedding time by the pool or at the beach, bandeau tops are best, she adds. Tan lines and red or peeling skin won’t look nice in photos.

Don’t participate in an injury-possible sporting event

Many couples plan fun and unique wedding-weekend events, but no bride wants to get a turned ankle from a softball or soccer game, or an abrasion from a bike ride through the woods, says Naylor. “You have to be extra careful to keep your body, face and all working parts perfect.”

Don’t get a final-days facial

Unless you’re a longtime facial recipient with skin used to the chemicals, cosmetics and process, you don’t want to risk having inflammation, breakouts or an allergic reaction as a result, says Naylor. Even facial pros should stick to a tried-and-true treatment and schedule their last appointment for at least a week or two prior. And if you want a more intense procedure (such as a chemical peel, microdermabrasion or Botox), you should plan to do it at least a month or more out.

Don’t color your own hair

Even if you’ve been dying or highlighting your own hair since you were 16, Naylor notes that disaster can strike: an older or new formula could produce an unexpected color, you could forget to set the timer and end up with hue snafus or strand damage, you could have an allergic reaction, or you could accidently get a glob of bleach or color on your face. “Trust all hair color processes to a pro you know and trust,” says Naylor.

Don’t go for last-minute extreme waxing

Your bikini area, armpits, upper lip and eyebrows can be very sensitive (especially if you’ve never waxed them before), and a boutique’s “expert” might not have the perfect technique, nor the best product and/or most hygienic system, says Naylor. It would be a terrible shame if your session resulted in ripped skin, irritation, redness, an allergic reaction or infection, she adds. If you must get waxed, use a salon you trust, test out the services you want at least three months prior, and go a week or two before the big day – you can shave or pluck for maintenance.

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