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The Rise of the ?Groomzilla?

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The wedding is his day, too, after all.

According to its annual “What’s on Brides’ Minds” survey, wedding retailer David’s Bridal found that 83 percent of grooms are/were actively involved in making wedding-day decisions.

With most guys participating in the wedding planning, that’s an increased chance that the groom-to-be will be a bit, well, overbearing in their help.

The surveyed brides opened up about what their grooms were the most hands-on:

Two-thirds of brides (67 percent) said there is at least one thing that would turn their groom into a “Groomzilla.”

Among the areas of planning that would push a groom into high-maintenance territory:
• 31 percent of brides said the biggest trigger is the guest list.
• 24 percent of newlywed ladies said music selection pushes their groom’s buttons.
• 16 percent of brides said honeymoon plans were the thing that set off their groom.

That said, the bride still is the key decider. One in five (18 percent) brides wouldn’t trust their groom to make any wedding decision without their input, and two in five (41 percent) don’t even trust the groom to pick out their own tux!

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