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Jeweler Offers Free Xbox with Ring Purchase

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"Engagement season" — quote-unquote — is the term used to blanket the two- to three-month period where everyone you know on Facebook seems to be getting engaged.  Couples begin engaged around the winter holidays, surrounded by family and friends, through Valentine's Day. (December, where 16 percent of engagements happen, is the most popular popular month to get engaged). But with everyone's favorite Hallmark holiday in the rearview, one jeweler is making one last-ditch effort to help betroth couples this month.

Perrywinkle's, which operates stores in upstate New York and in Vermont, is offering a free Xbox One to groom's who purchase a 3/4 carat diamond center-stone engagement ring through Feb. 28.

"We all know men are obsessed with video games," says a story. (To which Jezebel replies, justly: DO WE?)

At $500, the gaming system is a pretty high-value incentive for making the purchase. And it could give the potential groom something to do while he works up the nerve to pop the question — more than a quarter of grooms purchase the ring one to three months before proposing.

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