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All in White

Who says bridesmaids canít wear white? Not modern brides!


Bridesmaid Dress Styles Fit for a New Mom

How to select the best dresses for your bridesmaids that are pregnant or are new moms


How to Say No to Being a Bridesmaid

You canít stand up every time. Hereís how to break the news amicably


The Right Way to Pick Out Your Bridal Party

Selecting bridesmaids ó easy, right? Not necessarily. Here are some pointers for picking out the perfect crew


5 Ways to Save Your Bridesmaids Money

Itís not cheap to be a wedding attendant. Here are tips for staying mindful of your ladiesí expenses


What to Expect of Your Top Attendants

Being the maid of honor or best man is a big task. Here's what what couples should know about the duties for their top people


A Horse is a Bridesmaid Ö Of Course? Of Course!

U.K. bride enlists her 17-year-old thoroughbred as attendant for wedding


How Many Bridesmaids is Too Many?

One bride had more than 6 dozen! Hereís how to find the right-size number for your wedding party


Getting the Bridesmaids On Board

Recruiting your friends requires a little planning and a lot of thought


Just Like the Brides

Today's stylish bridesmaid dresses take their cues from the wedding gown

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