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The New Rules of Engagement Photos

Plan ahead to get professional pre-extravaganza portraits that can't be beat


10 Wedding Planning Don'ts and Do's

Streamline your planning by knowing what merits a commitment — and what you can cut


9 Tips for Guys To Make a Perfect Proposal

Engagement season is on the horizon. Here, proposal experts offer pointers to make sure guys pop the question right


Getting Engaged on a Budget

In these modern times, it's all about the right ring, not two months' salary


6 Tips for Couples Navigating the Holidays

Trying to visit 2 (or more) families can be tricky this time of year. Here are some smart ideas for how to get it done — and stay sane


How to Handle Wedding Stress

No one said planning a wedding was easy. Here’s how to stay graceful under pressure


How Couples Can Stay Positive Together Before the Wedding

Quell pre-wedding stress by working together to relax, connect and have fun


Got Stress? Here's How to Keep Calm Under All the Wedding Pressure

It’s inevitable: you’ll get overwhelmed. Follow this expert advice can help you manage the stress of planning a wedding


What's It Cost to Get Engaged at the Ballpark?

Buy me some peanuts and an engagement ring? Here are you proposal options for all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums


Jeweler Offers Free Xbox with Ring Purchase

All men love video games, as the truism goes, and one jewelry retailer is hoping that will attract some soon-to-be grooms thinking about popping the question

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