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Forget These Bridal Shower Rules

Ignore these old-school etiquette rules and create a bridal shower thatís right for you


No Phones Allowed

No couple wants text alerts or phone ringing during their vows. Hereís how to manage tech silence during your ceremony


How to Plan a Military Wedding

Each branch of the armed forces has their own wedding customs Ė hereís what you should know to plan your nuptials to a service member


Donít Make These Common Wedding Vow Mistakes

Ensure your wedding vows are memorable for all the right reasons with this expect advice


How to be a Marvelous Maid of Honor

Not sure what the MOH actually does? Hereís how to support the bride on her wedding day


How to Avoid Registry Mistakes

Before you start dreaming of glassware and appliances, check out these tips from etiquette experts


How to be the BEST Best Man

A guide to the duties of being your budís best man on his big day


Should We Elope? 4 Pros and Cons to Consider

If wedding planning has you stressed, hereís what you should consider before running off to tie the knot alone


Bad Advice: Wedding Tips You Shouldnít Follow

Brides reveal the worst advice they received for planning their big day


Planning an Intimate Wedding

You donít need hundreds of guests for a great wedding. Hereís how to plan the perfect small event

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