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What to Do When Guests Know Best

How to calmly and coolly handle friends and family who try to meddle with your wedding plans


The Lowdown on Last Names

Some couples today are bucking tradition and making their own rules when it comes to surnames


The Local Way to Register

You don't have to go the scanner route at a big-box store. Here's a bride's guide to registering at unique boutiques off the beaten path


Another Walk Down the Aisle

Getting remarried? Here’s how to plan your dream wedding, the second time around


Thanks, but No Thanks

5 ways to politely deny “help” from overzealous family and friends


Ask a Bride: Help! What If I Need To Postpone Or Cancel My Wedding?

Our resident bridal expert offers her advice to your biggest wedding queries


2 Tips for Timely Thank-Yous

Every couple wants to get thank-yous done as quickly as possible. Here's how to do it


Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

“Will you marry me?” isn’t the only wedding-related question that’s on the minds of many brides and grooms.


4 Little Things to Delight Your Guests

Show your guests how much you appreciate their support and love with these thoughtful touches


Forget These Bridal Shower Rules

Ignore these old-school etiquette rules and create a bridal shower that’s right for you

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