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3 Items Newlyweds Need to Get Cookin'

A pan, a pot, a knife, and some bakeware, and youíre well on your way to mastering your kitchen


Forget These Bridal Shower Rules

Ignore these old-school etiquette rules and create a bridal shower thatís right for you


3 Thoughtful Touches For Your Wedding Guests

Show your appreciation for your guests with these wonderful little details and gifts



Gifts are nice. But if you're in the market for a down payment, honeymoon or just growing the newlywed nest egg, a wedding registry savings account might be a worthy venture


How to Avoid Registry Mistakes

Before you start dreaming of glassware and appliances, check out these tips from etiquette experts


All About the Card

Sometimes itís easier for guests to give a gift card. And thatís perfectly fine


8 Tips for Registering the Right Way

Here are some great ways to make sure your registration experience is smooth and worry-free


How to Say ĎNoí to Gifts

The ins and outs of opting to pass on the wedding presents


5 W's of the Registry

Ah, the registry Ė an important part of any wedding. We take a look at its who, what, when, where and why.


When Gifts Arenít An Option

No presents necessary! How some couples are personalizing their registries

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