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Big, Beautiful Blooms

Find floral inspiration for your big day with these 6 new wedding flower trends


2 Tips for Grooming the Groom

Wedding-day beauty isn't just for brides. Here are ways for guys to look their best, too


Wedding Blooms for the Groom

A look at boutonnieres, from classic to quirky


How Grooms Can Complete Their Look

Shirts, shoes, ties and socks. These how-to-do-it-right tips will ensure the groom and groomsmen look sharp and suavely unique


6 Modern Ways for the Groom to Add Something Blue

Even if he forgoes the somethings borrowed, old and new, a little azure embellishment will lend playful elegance to his attire


9 Tips for Guys To Make a Perfect Proposal

Engagement season is on the horizon. Here, proposal experts offer pointers to make sure guys pop the question right


Grooms: How to Get A Stylish Wedding Look

From trim tuxes to sharp accessories, itís never been a more fashionable time to be a groom


Stylish Accessories for The Groom and Guys

From socks to ties, hereís how the men can upgrade their wedding fashion


Jeweler Offers Free Xbox with Ring Purchase

All men love video games, as the truism goes, and one jewelry retailer is hoping that will attract some soon-to-be grooms thinking about popping the question


The Rise of the ?Groomzilla?

More guys are helping plan the big day, which could mean more drama!

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