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2 Tips for Picking the Right Photographer

Great wedding photos and videos start with a great professional. Hereís how to find the right one for you


5 Canít Miss Wedding Day Photos

You canít re-do your wedding day, so donít forget to capture these moments


How to Create a Standout Wedding Photo Booth

Bring out your guestsí silly side with a memorable and fun photo booth


How to Choose Your Photographer

Our resident bridal expert offers her advice to your biggest wedding queries


How to Spot a Photo Phony

Trying to save a few extra dollars on your photography isnít worth the risk


Creating a Picture Perfect Photo Plan

Ensure you capture every beautiful moment of your big day with these expert tips from professional photographers


How to Vet Your Videographer

A look at what to know Ė and whatís new


High-Flying Wedding Photography

Get a new perspective on your wedding with the help of a professional drone photographer


Behind the Scenes with Photo/Video Pros

2 top wedding-industry professionals fill you in on exactly what services youíre paying for


5 Fun & Fresh Engagement Photo Shoot Ideas

Donít settle for standard engagement photos! Get creative with these ideas from the experts

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