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A Sweet Surprise

An indulgent dessert is best served with a drink that fits its flavor profiles. Complement the desserts at your wedding with a wine to match


4 Cocktail-Hour Playlists That Everyone Will Love

Current, Classic, R&B/Soul, Tropical. Browse these thoughtfully planned playlists to find the right mood music for your event.


Dessert You Can Drink

The latest spirit option for your signature cocktail: wedding-cake-flavored vodka


2 Tips to the Perfect Hotel Wedding

Here's a quick cheat sheet to the draws and drawbacks of the popular wedding venue


The Perfect Plan for an After-Party

When the reception ends is when the real party starts! Here’s how to do late night right


How to Create a Knockout Photo Booth

Photo booths are becoming the fun must-have for today’s weddings. Here’s how to make yours stand out


How to Vet the Wedding Venue

Location, location, location! The venue is the key to having a great party. Follow these tips to make sure you find the right spot


Fresh Wedding Drinks with a Local Twist

Think local, eco-focused beverages when stocking your wedding bar for tasty, earth-friendly drinks


Unique Spots to Tie the Knot

Nontraditional venues don’t just add a fun feel to your wedding, they also can help your budget go further


How to Customize Your Seating

Your chairs – yes, chairs! – should be just as stylish as the rest of your ceremony

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