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Social Media & Weddings


5 Tips for For the Social Media Savvy Wedding Planner

Social media makes it easy to share all your wedding-planning details, but should you? Follow these guidelines on how to appropriately plan online


3 Reasons You Should Use a Hashtag

Creating a social media hashtag for your wedding allows you to see the event from your guests' perspective


Love, Technology and the Modern Couple

Tweets and texts have become a new norm in how today’s couples communicate. But is it all good?


How to say ‘Engaged!’ in the Digital Age

Here, etiquette experts share their advice for sharing your happy news – online and off


The 'No Phones Allowed' Ceremony

No couple wants text alerts or phone ringing during their vows. Here’s how to manage tech silence during your ceremony


Your Wedding – For the Whole World To See

Want to showcase your wedding online or in a mag? The key is to follow etiquette, and know what wedding editors are looking for


Modern Wedding 'Social' Graces

How to go about planning your event in the age of status updates


The Wedding Glam Plan

How to turn your fashion inspirations into a stunning wedding-day look


How to Stream Your Ceremony Online

Broadcasting your I Do’s over the Internet is growing in popularity – and ease.


Great Smartphone Apps for Couples

Apps don’t just help you find a date. The help you stay connected in a relationship, too

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