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Ask a Bride: Help! What If I Need To Postpone Or Cancel My Wedding?

Our resident bridal expert offers her advice to your biggest wedding queries


Don’t Make These Common Wedding Vow Mistakes

Ensure your wedding vows are memorable for all the right reasons with this expect advice


Should We Attend Premarital Counseling?

5 benefits of talking to a professional before you make a lifelong commitment


Protect Your Wedding Plans From Cybercrime

Digital may make planning easier, but it also makes engaged couples the vulnerable to cybercriminals. Here’s how to avoid falling victim to a scam


Should We Elope? 4 Pros and Cons to Consider

If wedding planning has you stressed, here’s what you should consider before running off to tie the knot alone


To Rent or To Buy

Spend smarter by knowing which wedding items to borrow and which to buy


Bad Advice: Wedding Tips You Shouldn’t Follow

Brides reveal the worst advice they received for planning their big day


5 Things to Know About Financing Your Big Day

Your wedding will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of your life, but should you go into debt to pay for it?


How to Craft the Perfect Invite

An expert how-to guide for creating your wedding invitations


How to Rock Wedding Trends from Real Brides

Real-life brides offer their advice for incorporating popular trends into your nuptials

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