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Engagement Info

September 14, 2015

Wedding Info

May 6, 2017
Westfield, NY

Hubbard, OH


Hubbard, OH


Edward D 's Parents

Edward Butchko Sr. And Elaine Butchko-Seaman

Kristy's Parents

Barry Shattuck and Patrica Shattuck


Edward D Butchko Jr. and Kristy Shattuck

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How We Met

Through a group of old friends.

How We Got Engaged

It was our first night at our new home and we were watching Gilmore Girls!.

Our Shared Interests

We love to play board games and be with family and friends.

Our Favorite Date Night

We love hunting for new restaurant, Even if takes an hour to get there.

The Part of the Wedding We're Most Excited About?

Being Mrs. Butchko (after ten years together as a couple).

Our Relationship in Three Words

Perfect puzzle pieces.