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Engagement Info

March 22, 2016

Wedding Info

March 10, 2018
St.Michaels Byzantine Catholic Church for reception
Campbell, Ohio

Struthers Ohio


Struthers Ohio


Paula-secretary at Spritzers Auto Cameron Mechanic


Struthers Ohio


Struthers Ohio


Steve-Nemenz IGA


Jennifer's Parents

Cameron and Paula Croxton

Josh's Parents

Steve and Stephanie Kovach

Jennifer McLaughlin and Josh Beshara

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How We Met

Josh and Jennifer first met at The Elmton in Struthers Ohio. Jennifer worked at The Elmton throughout high school and some college. Josh and his family are frequent customers. Josh and Jennifer also both have a friend they both knew since high school in common. Josh would buy polar pops when we first started talking and bring me them in carryout. He always made me smile and one day asked for my number that was the start of our relationship.

How We Got Engaged

Josh proposed to me at his mother's house last March. He got me a ring while I was at work and took his sister Belinda Kovach and her friend with him to help pick it out.

About the Ring

My engagement ring is a heart with a diamond in the center. It is silver and has already been through alot from work. I love it anyway though it's perfect for me. Josh and Belinda told me they got my ring at the mall they will not tell me what store.

Our Shared Interests

Our very first date was with my sister Gabriella McLaughlin at a Scrappers game. Josh and I both like baseball and football. He is an Eagles fan and I am a Steelers fan, so that is different. We both enjoy watching movies together, our favorite is Forest Gump, we also both enjoy WWE wrestling and when it comes to Covelli Center we make sure we go.

Our Favorite Date Night

A date night usually consists of our favorite restaurant - Texas Roadhouse - and a trip to either Sports World or a movie theatre.

The Part of the Wedding We're Most Excited About?

I am looking forward to the wedding itself. My grandfather Sam Tirabassi offered for us to have the ceremony at his house. This means the world to me because my grandparents have had that house since I was born. Both of our families being there and Josh's aunt Shelly Vanmeter marrying us as an ordained minister has made us both happy about this event.

Our Relationship in Three Words

Crazy yet amazing