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Engagement Info

October 20, 2017
Milford, Michigan

Wedding Info

September 29, 2018
Most Holy Trinity Church

Poland Ohio


Royal Oak/Michigan


Registered Nurse


Celina Ohio


Royal Oak/ Michigan


Commodity Manager


Kristen's Parents

Jeff and Danielle Clark

Jordan's Parents

Roger and Karen Evers

Diamond Vault of Troy

Kristen Clark and Jordan Evers

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How We Met

We first met while on vacation in Las Vegas. We realized that we were both originally from Ohio.

How We Got Engaged

We were engaged on October 20, 2017. Our mutual friend Blair made up a story that her father gifted her a hot air balloon ride and she wanted me to go with her. This was not far fetched because we always like to travel and do once in a lifetime activities together! That day, Blair and I arrived at the park where the hot air balloon would take off. As the balloon was filling, the owner of the company brought Blair and I back to the truck to sign a waiver. It was at this point, Jordan(hiding behind a barn) was given the signal to run over to the balloon and climb inside while I was distracted. I was instructed to close my eyes and follow the pilot into the balloon itself while it was still filling with air. Apparently when you look up itís meant to look like a kaleidoscope(entirely made up, trust me I tried it). When I looked back down, there was Jordan, on his knee, waiting to propose.