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Who’s in the Wedding Party?

You’ve got the maid of honor, best man… and who else? Here’s your guide to wedding party roles


Keeping Kids in the Picture

How to make your nuptials as friendly for the little ones as they are for the adults


This Old Dress

Wearing mom’s or grandma’s old gown? Here’s what you need to know about caring for it or crafting it into something new


How to Vet Your Videographer

A look at what to know – and what’s new


Long & Luxurious Lashes

How to rock false lashes that don’t look fake and last all night


Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

A few fun and sweet ways to propose wedding party membership


Happy Hands, Happy Feet

Take nails to the nines with these spa-worthy secrets


How to Say ‘No’ to Gifts

The ins and outs of opting to pass on the wedding presents


How to Take Care of Your Diamond Ring

Expert tips for keeping your new jewelry shiny and bright for years to come

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