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Wedding Info

September 24, 2017
Fellows Riverside Gardens
Youngstown, Ohio

New Middletown, Ohio


Akron , Ohio


Occupational Therapist


Massillon, Ohio


Akron , Ohio


Recruiting Coordinator


Maureen 's Parents

Henry and Susan Morchak

Craig 's Parents

Donald and Sue Wilkinson

Maureen Morchak and Craig Wilkinson

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Wedding-Day Weather

Perfect , sunny afternoon . Not a cloud in the sky.


Damask themed with black and lime green. Modern feel


Lime Green rose bouquet and centerpieces made by bridesmaid Ashley Myers.

Favorite Detail

The bride wore a vintage wedding ring passed down from the bride's grandmother Dorothy Perazich.
The groom wore a ring passed down from the bride's father Henry Morchak and late grandfather Henry Morchak

First Dance

"As Long as It Matters" by Gin Blossoms
Intro Song was " The Game" by Moorhead


Beautiful cake made by groom's co-worker Nancy Young. Lace icing design with black and lime green accents and cake topper with dog and wedding couple


The parents of the bride made their own caramel apple resiling . Mini wine bottles were made for each guest

Vendor Shout-Out

Kravitz deli did an amazing job catering . They helped set up and the food was amazing. They even allowed the couple to have a chip and dip bar during their cocktail hour

If We Knew Then What We Know Now

Take 5 seconds after your ceremony is over to appreciate all those that came and take a mental snapshot of the moment .

Honeymoon Destination

9 days in Aruba